What is Blåtur?

A Norwegian tradition of a surprise party – Blåtur is a custom made game, where you can enjoy visiting new place in a completely new and extraordinary way. It gives you a chance to see Gdańsk as a big board game! It will let you discover its most interesting places. Instead of walking from one place to another and listening to boring guides, you and your group will perform diverse tasks, and solve riddles just like in an adventure game.

All of that along with cooperation in groups, exciting rivalry, and your own personal themes included during your missions guarantee thrilling experience, and unforgettable memories.

Blåtur is ideal for:

Birthday surprise

Bachelorette party

Highschool reunion

Blåtur is a custom game

Customize your adventure in Gdansk

Take part in your own custom game! We ensure Plenty of thrilling entertainment on any occasion for both big and small groups. We create a scenario based on anecdotes and stories from your own lives which will let you experience your adventures once again!

Play a game about you

Is your friend inspired by Scottish culture? During the game all of you put kilts on! Is your other friend still enjoying playing with dolls? We will turn this anecdote into funny tast for you!

Pubs or puzzles?

We design our unique games specially for you, so it’s your choice if it’s going to include more riddles, history/plot, pub activities or silly jokes.

How do we begin?

Fix your dates

Contact us at least three weeks before your planned trip. Please, bear in mind that the minimum group size is 12 people.

Create your story

Send us some facts about each member of your group: kinky stories from their youth, some crazy events that happened to you or maybe little secret worth sharing. The more information, the more exciting tasks!

Have fun!

We prepare your game and set up everything.

You receive a plan: place of start and duration

of the game (90-120 minutes).

Contact us

Gdańsk, ul. Stolarska 6a/7
+48 58 350 00 27

Any questions?